Meet the Team

Team MSS

  Hayden Froggatt

hayden mss
  • Hayden is our General Manager and is responsible for looking after customers with industrial, technical and heavy projects.
  • The part of his job he enjoys most is his requirement to think laterally to solve complicated problems.
  • When not working, Hayden spends time with his family, and socialising with friends.

  John Almond

  • John is our Operations Manager and is responsible for product procurement, staff management and project management.
  • The part of his job he enjoys most is staff and customer interaction - for him it’s all about motivating staff and offering customers positive experiences.
  • When not working, John spends time playing outdoor bowls, BBQing and spending time with friends.

  Alison Holmes

  • Alison is our Office Manager and is responsible for the day-to-day administration and accounting functions.
  • The part of her job she enjoys most is analysing numbers, finding patterns and uncovering potential challenges and opportunities for future growth.
  • When not working, Alison spends time diving marine locations around the world and getting to know the personalities of her family by tracing her family genealogy back to the 17th century.

  Steve Stanton

steve stanton mss
  • Steve is our Project Co-ordinator and is responsible for liaising with onsite contractors, looking after our guys, and making sure the job is being done correctly. He’s one of our founding team members and is a qualified cabinet maker.
  • The part of his job he enjoys most is the hands on stuff, the manual installing – and he reckons the more tricky the job...the better!
  • When not working, Steve spends time rifle shooting (his family all shoot too) playing badminton and watching V8 supercars.

  Ashwin Prasad

Ashwin 132x168
  • Ashwin is our Sales Engineer and is responsible for the Sales and Marketing activities for wholesalers and end users.
  • The part of his work he enjoys the most are the intracacies of the sales process, and ensuring customers have a positive sales experience.
  • When not working, Ashwin likes to spend time with his family, and is a former kickboxer and soccer player.


MSS works across NZ and sectors like Energy & Power, Govt Agencies, Healthcare, Industrial, Commercial, Telco’s & Retail.

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