About Us

Who we are

Founded in 2005 by Directors Hayden Froggatt and John Almond, MSS Ltd is an innovative and forward thinking company, supplying and installing cable containment systems to the electrical and mechanical sectors.
Experience, sound product knowledge and practised efficiency means MSS can provide you with the best and most cost effective solution for your needs. 

MSS is accredited under the ISO 9001 for quality management systems and ISO 18001 for safety management systems.

What we do

Cable Ladder/Cable Tray/Cable Basket/Metal Framing Systems/Solid Trunking and Skirting
Duct Systems/Pipe Supports/Seismic Design and Supply/Installation/Bespoke Fabrication

We are specialists in:

Cable & Pipe Support System
Mechanical & Electrical Installations
Specialised Mechanical Installations
Skirting & Power Duct Interior Fitouts
Special Fabrication and Engineering

We can design, engineer, manufacture and install to your specifications providing you with
quality products, on time and within budget.

We have deliberately simplified electrical service contractors jobs with our unique, niche capability to:

Our vision is to help electrical service contractors deliver maximum project efficiencies. To date, we have helped 100s substantially drive down their project costs and significantly drive forward their project momentum.

We’re qualified to supply, estimate, design, engineer and install:

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MSS works across NZ and sectors like Energy & Power, Govt Agencies, Healthcare, Industrial, Commercial, Telco’s & Retail.

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