Design drawings (Seismic)

Cable management design drawings

We provide design drawings for the following systems:

  1. Cable tray.Cable Management Design Drawings: MSS rendoringCable Management Design Drawings: MSS rendoring
  2. Cable ladder.
  3. Cable basket
  4. Cable trunking/cable ducting
  5. Pipe supports
  6. Engineered metal framing channel.


Our advantage: Design drawings:

Have complete confidence you will:

    • Receive accurately detailed design drawings and calculations drawn in:
      1. AutoCAD.
      2. AutoCAD Solid Work Drawings.
    • Have certainty that your design drawings strictly comply with the seismic code NZS 4219:2009  when required.
      1. We specialise in seismic design.
      2. Our design drawings produce a statement signoff of PS1 (on design) and PS4 (on completion of site installation).
    • Escape embarrassingly expensive mistakes that could see your project heading in the wrong direction:
      1. Our design drawings visually capture and simplify your project.


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Additional project capabilities:

Cable Management Design Drawings: MSS rendorCable Management Design Drawings: MSS rendor

You will have access to the only NZ electrical and mechanical support subcontracting company who will offer you more than cable management design drawing - MSS will offer you the complete package:


Top Tip:

When requesting design drawings you can save a heap of time by pre-specifying cable quantities, cable outside diameter, cable weight per metre and key infrastructure positions.

Your next step:

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