Cable Duct

Cable ducting

Mechanical Support Systems (MSS) can effortlessly supply your cable duct (also referred to as cable trunking, steel trunking or cable ducting), and we guarantee that our cable duct meets and fulfils all manufacturing and performance standards.


When to use cable duct:Cable Ducting: External bendCable Ducting: External bend

  • Use cable duct when cables need to be fully enclosed so they don't get tampered with e.g. data or fibre optics.
  • Use cable duct with short cable runs.


Our advantages: Cable duct.

You will get cable duct that is:

    • Competitively priced:
  1. With our assurance on quality.
  2. Backed up consistently with exceptional service.
  • The right product with the right information.
  • The best and most economical product to complete the job.
    1. With a single point of contact for order placement and delivery.Cable Ducting: Internal bendCable Ducting: Internal bend
  • Sized to request
  • Innovatively designed e.g. self locking lid rather than traditional screw fix lid (excels when working at height due to 'push' fit rather than a 'screw' fit).
  • Certified to perform to NEMA VE1 standards
  • Parallel & advanced systems to replace Unistrut.
  • Made in NZ, supporting the local economy.


View or download our cable ducting/cable trunking systems & accessories here. 


Additional project capabilities.Cable Ducting at TranspowerCable Ducting at Transpower

You wil have access to the only NZ electrical and mechanical support subcontracting company to offer your complete cable ducting package:


Cable duct standard specifications:

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MSS works across NZ and sectors like Energy & Power, Govt Agencies, Healthcare, Industrial, Commercial, Telco’s & Retail.

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