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Cable Management Estimations

Cable Management Estimations PlanningCable Management Estimations PlanningWithin 24 hours you will receive initial contact and then a following quote (in your specified timeframe) calculated from:

  • Supplied tender documents.
  • Supplied construction drawings.
  • Site instruction/site visit.


Use our material calculators to estimate.


Our advantage: Estimating:

For you, our estimates mean:Cable Management Estimations OnsiteCable Management Estimations Onsite

  • No project cost blow outs:
    • MSS stick by and honour our contract pricing.
  • No thinking required:
    • MSS quantify at every single nut and bolt and give you a complete product listing.
  • No confusion:
    • MSS know exactly what has and has not been allowed for (from stated specific inclusions and exclusions).
  • No pressured time challenges:
    • MSS will always endeavour to give you what you want in the time you need.
  • No need to get involved:
      • MSS have the ability to make precise estimates (that we'll stand by) off job specific construction drawings.
      • MSS act as your double checker because we are practiced at uncovering abnormalities.
  • No 'unit price only':
    • MSS provide contract 'everything to supply for full system' prices.
    • MSS offer products and design systems that comply with the seismic code NZS 4219:2009 when your project requires it.


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Additional project capabilities:Cable Management Estimations ToolsCable Management Estimations Tools

You will have access to the only NZ electrical and mechanical support subcontracting company who will offer you more than cable management estimations - MSS will offer you the complete package:


Top 3 Tips:

  1. Labour is a huge project cost, so any time saver techniques are a massive advantage. Bring in experts to take control in one area, so you can concentrate on other areas and keep the project moving forward.
  2. When considering all cable management estimations, check the scale of the drawing. Drawings get issued for size A1, so when it's reproduced from A1 to A3, you'll be measuring the wrong size if you haven't made that connection (an extremely expensive oversight)!
  3. If you don't know the scale (or don't have one), find it by measuring a doorway. Generally the industry standard for a single door is 800mm wide.

To request an estimate or more information:

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  3. Free phone 0508 222 5387 (0508 Cable tray).

MSS works across NZ and sectors like Energy & Power, Govt Agencies, Healthcare, Industrial, Commercial, Telco’s & Retail.

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